Across the globe there are multiple cultures, civilizations that truly value the period of Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy and have multiple scriptures that speak about the importance and influence of this period on the entire human life. This is the reason why this phase is called the “Golden Period of Life”….. comprising the first 1100 days, starting 100 days before physical conception and carrying through the first 1000 days after birth.

Scriptures of Ancient Bharatha such as “Garbhopanishad” by Rishi Pippalada, though the shortest of the Upanishads, contain profound & detailed information of foetal development during pregnancy, which most modern sciences have started to concur with only recently with the advancement of technology.

Importance of the Golden Period of human life and how to holistically nurture and empower a baby during this period is illustrated in various other scriptures such as Shiva Purana, Srimad Bhagavatam, Skanda Purana etc. Now with the advent of modern technology, the world of science has started looking at the phenomena of birth as something more than “procreation”.

Advanced sciences such as Obstetrics, Pre & Perinatal Sciences, Genetics & Epigenetics and Neuro-Cardiology are paving the way for a deeper understanding of Human Birth and factors that influence and impact it. 

There are multiple organizations & research establishments across the globe that have conducted longitudinal studies in this area and come up with astounding revelations which were considered “Myths” a few decades ago. 

World organizations such as the World Bank, UNICEF, WHO are investing heavily on creating a framework of physical health and wellbeing for the mother and baby during the Golden Period as they understand the importance of this phase on the rest of human life. This in turn impacts society and thus the entire Humanity.

Various cultures across the world have guidances for life starting from the very foundation, the beginning of human life from the period of pregnancy. All these guidances come in the form of practices, stories and rituals that are woven into the fabric of our lifestyle. 

“Our Culture Shapes our Life”, and Bharatha/India is know for the richness of our culture which has given us epics such as the Mahabaratha, Vedas and Upanishads and other scriptures which illustrate the power of In-utero empowerment. Stories of Prahalada and the legendary Abhimanyu are just two of the many. 

We have traditions and practices that make us provide the best of the environment and holistic inputs to our children in a subtle manner during the foundation years. 

Apart from India, countries like Korea, France follow Taegyo and Haptonomy practices respectively, to improve the parent and child bonding and nurturing and development of the baby. 

Parents in Israel practice mathematics during Pregnancy to improve the learning abilities of the baby which have been proven effective through longitudinal studies and research.

In-Utero Reading

“In-Utero” refers to the period when the baby is in the Womb.

Is it possible to communicate with the baby while it is still in the womb? 

Modern Pre & Perinatal Sciences have confirmed that the babies in the womb are Sentient and can start perceiving external inputs such as touch, taste, sounds etc.. from as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy.

The concept of In-utero reading has been a part of our culture for ages, be it in the form of listening to specific music, stories, chants or reading certain books and scriptures. Lot of households even to this date follow the tradition where pregnant parents take up traditional & spiritual practices during pregnancy and infancy to ensure the child’s overall development. This facilitates a strong foundation for the rest of life.

It is proven and recorded by many studies and longitudinal research conducted by international universities and organizations, that the babies who have been raised in a good & holistic environment and provided with positive inputs & upbringing during the early stages of life have done extremely well in the long term, compared to others who were unfortunately not raised in an environment that was conducive for their holistic development. 

It appears that a lot of young parents in today’s generation are missing out on this golden opportunity as they are either unaware of or confused with where to start, what to read, what to do, what is right and wrong. 

Blessing Before Birth is the first of its kind In-Utero Literature that combines Ancient Wisdom and Most Modern Sciences, simplifying the profound knowledge to make it easily understandable for people of any background. 

Blessing Before Birth covers all the aspects that are crucial for In-Utero Development and Learning for the child and makes it interesting and fun for parents to follow at their convenience anywhere, anytime.