Eons back, a mother was separated from her child as he was growing in another womb, subsequently nurtured as a baby by someone else. Still the mother had conversations with her son remotely, bonded with him and offered the best in her heart as everlasting wealth to her son. That Mother was Devi Parvati, that child was Lord Skanda [also Known as Lord Kartikeya] and the conversations between them is called Skanda Gita or Garbha Gita. The knowledge and essence of the Garbha Gita has been passed down through a spiritual lineage of Bharata called Shivanetra and is presented to the world today by Omnio Future Academy in the form of a set of 9 books aptly named “Blessing Before Birth”.

Devi Parvati first laid eyes on her own son Lord Skanda, when He was a child past His infancy. The conversations repeated between mother and son several times after, and each time it empowered the son through various stages of his growth and development. The power of knowledge presented to Him by His Mother, symbolised by His weapon – the Vel, became the very foundation of His being. Empowered thus, He enlightened Rishis of the likes of Agastya and even created a structure for a language like the classical Tamil. He assumed the position of the Devasenapathi [Commander-in-chief] of the Devatas and defeated asuras like Tarakasura and Surapadmasura. Any parent wishes and gives the highest and the best of everything in their capacity to their child. This is applicable to a human,cosmic or divine being. Devi imparted through Her conversations, the highest form of learning [MahaVidya] – the Sri Vidya to Her son. Lord Skanda who is established as the energy of “Guru” in our hearts, is the source of the Skandopanishad and has blessed us all with the approach towards Sri Vidya given to Him by His Mother. This Skanda Vidya is practiced by the Shivanetra lineage through ages. 

In a day and age when education, learning potential, parenting and self evolution lies at the core of concerns, the Garbha Gita through Blessing Before Birth, provides opportunities for holistic development in human beings. What seems to be a set of 9 books is a world by itself – a world of opportunities, learning, growth and success. Be it a baby yet to be conceived, growing in the womb, crawling as an infant, thriving as a child, a seeking adult or a senior citizen wishing to age gracefully, the BBB has everything anybody could ever seek.