DAKSHINA – Bringing Sanatana Into Life with Blessing Before Birth

This is a Golden opportunity for harnessing the essence of the culture and wisdom of Bharata and applying the same in life. 

For anyone 

  • Planning to conceive a child
  • Pregnant , parents expecting a baby
  • Parents of infant 0 to 3 or 4 years of age
  • Seeking guidance to enhance parenting children 3 to 12 years
  • Parents looking for holistic and spiritual education for their children
  • Home educating and alternative educating parents seeking value addition for their childrens’ learning path
  • Parents seeking opportunity to induce culture learning in their childrens’ life
  • Wishing to equip themselves with the essentials of Indian Spiritual Sciences, Ideologies and Concepts
  • Curious to know what Indian Spirituality and scriptures are all about
  • Seeking to change an Inner Narrative of life and a mind transformation
  • Planning a career as an educator for babies – before birth, through pregnancy and infancy
  • Planning a career as a spiritual educator and curriculum developer
  • Interested in learning the science of the Gurukulam system of Bharata

We invite you to immerse yourself in the  knowledge of the Garbha Gita [the Blessing Before Birth series] over 20 weekends through a unique offering by Omnio Future Academy called “Dakshina”. Over the past years, Dakshina has empowered thousands of participants and has been received with great enthusiasm time and again. These sessions are live online sessions offered absolutely free of any charges. The recordings of the sessions will be available to participants in their academy  logins for a stipulated period of time. 

Dakshina is compulsory for participants opting for CISS [Certificate in Indian Spiritual Sciences] and Advanced training as Educators [GPE – Golden Period Educator, OLETP – Omnio Learning Educators Training Programme, GFE – Certificate in Gurukulam Foundation] in Omnio Future Academy. 

Dakshina Sessions Cover:

  • Introduction to Indian Spirituality , Rishis of Bharata and Sacred texts
  • Energy construct of the Universe and the Human Being
  • What is a Human Being made of – the layers of existence
  • The marvel physical body – a tool for action
  • The structure of Human emotions, feelings and desires
  • The science of Jyotisha and its relation with Human intelligence
  • The mind and its functionality through thinking – The significance of Manovijnana
  • The spirit of a human being – the super network that controls everything else
  • The Universal energy that is the source of existence
  • How do all the elements within us work together and create this experience called life
  • The great transformation of death and the journey thereafter
  • The occurrence of birth – How does it all start for a human life?
  • The power of invisible communication network, demystifying destiny
  • What are Devatas? What really is culture – Bharatiya Sanskriti? What are Sanskaras?
  • The spiritual view towards human relationships, learning, parenting and education
  • How to apply Sanatana and enhance the quality of human life

Participants may choose to purchase course material to enhance their learning and practices. Dakshina course material consists of a set of 9 Blessing Before Birth books and a set of Omnio Cards. For those who are looking at taking up advanced training as educators at Omnio Future Academy, it is highly recommended to purchase the Dakshina course material. However, this remains optional for all participants. To know more about the Blessing Before Birth series, its source, benefits, applications and the science behind it visit www.blessingbeforebirth.com.

Parents may choose to take up a BBB package appropriate for their needs. For such participants additional sessions will be conducted on the usage guidance for the packages. 

Blessing Before Birth – Preconception [For couples planning conception] KNOW MORE

Blessing Before Birth – Pregnancy [For couples expecting a  baby] KNOW MORE

Blessing Before Birth – Infancy [For parents of babies 0 to 3 years] KNOW MORE

Omnio Learning First Steps [For parents and children 3 years to 6  years] KNOW MORE

Omnio Learning Foundation [For parents and children 7 years to 10 years] KNOW MORE

Course details:

Start Date- 24th April
Duration- 20 Daily Sessions
Timing- 7:00 to 9:30 PM
Mode of Delivery- Zoom Live Sessions
Last Date of Registration 23rd April

For any queries join our zoom live session on 3rd April and 10th April at 12:00 noon