BBB – Omnio Learning Package for Parents and Children [ 3 to 6 years]

This package is useful for parents who are looking for a holistic spiritual education for their children. All parents are given access to the Omnio Learning Gurukulam at Omnio Future Academy under the First Steps [F1] category. Regular sessions on curriculum guidance and continued support is provided at the Online Gurukulam. The package covers 4 years of education for a child. It covers all aspects needed for behaviour moulding, culture learning, spiritual education and parent – child bonding, while it also can be opted as an addition to alternative, mainstream or home education for children. 

  • A set of 9 Blessing Before Birth books
  • Audios of BBB units for Subliminal Learning
  • Omnio Cards – Subconscious Learning Flash Cards 9* pack of 50 cards
  • Omnio Gold – A set of 9 books with stories, worksheets, activities and Mandalas based on Skanda Purana
  • Shabda Cards – Mantra Learning Flash Cards 9 packs – Subrahmanya Sahasranama
  • Puja Kit – For children to learn and perform Shodasha Upachara Puja in their homes
  • Prajna Vivardhana Kit – Active meditation and Aradhana using beads and sounds based on Prajna Vivardhana Kartikeya Stotram
  • Videos of Omnio Gold Skanda Purana story narration videos
  • Interactive gamified worksheets 
  • Bhagavad Gita chanting – coaching Audios
  • Arise India Programme for NCERT 1  – A platform for learning expression 
  • Parent Mirror – self assessment workbook for parents to strengthen parenting practices
  • Platform for Group Interactions with other learners of BBB – Omnio Learning
  • Online Gurukulam access for parents

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Give your child the best gift that will remain and support for a lifetime

Special Introductory Price: INR 1,50,000/- Limited Time Offer

Mentioned above is a one time registration fee