The years of life as a child, teenage and young adulthood are dedicated towards education and preparation for a full adult life. Education gives definition of life and builds the core of the inner constitution that builds the belief systems, the spirit, the super network which will operate a human being’s life. As an adult, there might be many circumstances where the inner beliefs need to be revisited and redefined. This process leads to evolution and growth. Change is the only constant and a human being who is a lifelong learner on the path of spiritual progression lives a complete life. 

NOTE: The influences of BBB series on human life can be best appreciated with a foundational understanding of its source, science and content. The energy patterns formed through Blessing Before Birth and related props enhance the potential of the human spirit and in turn expresses through various facets of life – be it education or parenting. 

BBB SeriesDefining Influence on Childhood – Teenage – Young Adult = Education / Redefining Influence on Adult = Transformation
1] OmniologyOffers a clear vision of human life and its purpose. This basic learning helps us co-create a path in life and provides a foundational basis for all perception, thinking and action. Appreciation of the basis of creation is the beginning of wisdom. If left unaddressed, this leads to an inner seeking for a deeper meaning to existence itself.
9] Basic Human ConstructThree facets every human being must be educated about – what are the units that make up the human being, how are they put together to operate in unison, how and for what are they intended to operate. If the construct of the self remains a mystery to a human being, it leads to a sense of loss of control and inability to cope with problems and obstacles.
3] Affectives SciencesFeelings are the anchor of existence and the fuel for all transactions. Experience and expression of emotions through moods, words, face, body and mere presence is a power given to the human being. So is the capacity to receive the same from others. We are connected through a feedback response system of feelings. Enhancing the structures and flow of emotions leads to more productivity. Unprocessed emotions are the core reason for disturbances in life. When unaddressed it leads to strained relationships since the cause for disturbance is often attributed to the external.
4] Reasoning SkillsDecision making is an important facet of life. Choices are driven by pursuits and desires. Learning the operation of our desire systems and their connection with intelligence opens opportunities to enhance quality of life. Confidence and initiative are immediate results of good reasoning. In the absence of these, one becomes dependent on external templates and it is difficult to sense self satisfaction in any role.
2] Thinking SkillsThinking is a faculty of the human mind. This process happens by default in human beings. However the default thinking mechanism is based on instinct and conscience. Learning thinking skills through spiritual sciences enhances skills and potential which translates into better performance in all spheres of action. A good thinker is a merit to a family, a progressive thinker is an asset to the world. In absence of structured thinking patterns, one loses clarity of mind and action gets restricted.
7] SubconsciousThe power of writing our own destiny is a gift we all are born with. We are indeed co creators of everything that happens to us. Be it, career, marriage, parenting or any other role – the strings are in our hearts. Empowerment is the acceptance of this responsibility. When we are deprived of this knowledge, we are enslaved to our fate, without any participation in the happenings and situations that life drives us into. Coincidences are not unstructured occurrences.
5] Human SciencesThe power of communication is crucial to our happiness and peace. Such communication is both internal and external, with living beings, non living beings, nature and the divine. We are receiving, storing and transmitting signals at every instant. This knowledge empowers us to lead a life aligned to the highest purpose and self oriented receive abundant guidance. Absence of this knowledge, leads to lack of focus, fear of the unknown and instability.
6] PsychologyAn appreciation of Human Development in various stages, enables us to understand ourselves and others in a new light. Be it parenting, education, or any other relationship, we as social beings are learning and growing together. Each one of us has a unique position and placement in this game of life. Spiritual psychology helps us gain compassion and empathy towards ourselves and others thereby making all our efforts fruitful in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. It would become difficult to maintain emotional and mental health and stability in the absence of this.
8] VirtuesEthics and moral science are necessary structures for us in presentation of our roles and for self validation. Values are expressions of Dharma. Dharma is an internal alignment to appropriateness of action. These need to be flexible, strong and accommodating. Ridities in value systems can trap creativity and productive actions. Learning the value of values and their expressions are essential for a peaceful progressive life.

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Blessing Before Birth – A Lifetime Support for Your Learning

BBB can be used by

  • Spirit Child before being conceived – through couples desiring a baby
  • Baby in the Womb – through expecting couples
  • Baby in Infancy – 0 to 3 years baby through parents
  • Children – 3 to 7 years along with parents
  • Children – 7 to 11 years with support from parents
  • Children – 11 to 14 years
  • Teenagers – 14 to 18 years
  • Young Adults & Adults
  • Senior Citizens


  • Support in conceiving a child
  • Empowerment in Pregnancy
  • Infant Bonding and education
  • Holistic Spiritual Education for children
  • Life preparation for teenagers and young adults
  • Spiritual Seeking
  • Families of children with special needs/ different learners
  • For Emotional Healing
  • Life Transformation
  • Life coaching and Belief Change
  • Bereavement
  • Sanskaras – Achieving Milestones in human development
  • Building Curriculum for Spiritual Education
  • Positive Affirmation 
  • Foundation for Sri Vidya
  • Devotional Practice
  • Blessing
  • Self Evolution
  • Family Bonding
  • Enhancing quality of life