Conception is a spiritual activity that finds its expression as a physical manifestation of a baby. The quality of a child’s life starts with the way it is conceived. If a person desires to get ideas for a particular field of interest, he or she begins to read and learn more about that subject, listens to experts in the field and invests in meaningful conversations on topics related to the subject, all while undertaking personal preparations to hold and manifest the idea. A Spirit Child….like an idea is a possibility in the universe. The child you are meant to have, is waiting for your invitation and preparation. BBB helps this process. 

NOTE: The influences of BBB series on human life can be best appreciated with a foundational understanding of its source, science and content. The energy patterns formed through Blessing Before Birth and related props enhance the potential of the human spirit and in turn expresses through various facets of life – be it education or parenting. 

BBB SeriesStage of PreparationInfluence on Spirit Child
9] Basic Human ConstructMonth 1 – SatyamConsolidates the knowledge of what it means to be a Human and guides the Spirit to choose a birth as a human being.
8] VirtuesMonth 1 – SatyamSupports making the choice of a biological lineage of ancestors, family, siblings and parents.
7] Subconscious ConstructMonth 1 – SatyamConfluences energy structures to create a unique identity for the human existence and charts out a first draft of destiny by setting conditions for self expressions.
6] PsychologyMonth 2 – ShivamCollects impressions from previous lives, unfinished transactions and aligns to the purpose of life through impressions of subtle memory.
5] Human SciencesMonth 2 – ShivamPlans relationships and situations, sets up challenges and successes, proceeds to harness powers from the astral realms.
4] Reasoning SkillsMonth 2 – ShivamRediscovers facets of human structure and creates templates for body, mind and emotions through the rhythm of the spiritual heart.
3] Affective SciencesMonth 3 – SundaramCrystallises the role as an energy body which will express gender identity and spiritual potential.
2] Thinking SkillsMonth 3 – SundaramCatalyses collection of all dynamic forces of the cosmos to make the jump from the spiritual realm to physical existence.
1] OmniologyMonth 3 – SundaramVibrations produced to radiate signals that facilitate the union required to be earthbound.

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Blessing Before Birth – A Lifetime Support for Your Learning

BBB can be used by

  • Spirit Child before being conceived – through couples desiring a baby
  • Baby in the Womb – through expecting couples
  • Baby in Infancy – 0 to 3 years baby through parents
  • Children – 3 to 7 years along with parents
  • Children – 7 to 11 years with support from parents
  • Children – 11 to 14 years
  • Teenagers – 14 to 18 years
  • Young Adults & Adults
  • Senior Citizens


  • Support in conceiving a child
  • Empowerment in Pregnancy
  • Infant Bonding and education
  • Holistic Spiritual Education for children
  • Life preparation for teenagers and young adults
  • Spiritual Seeking
  • Families of children with special needs/ different learners
  • For Emotional Healing
  • Life Transformation
  • Life coaching and Belief Change
  • Bereavement
  • Sanskaras – Achieving Milestones in human development
  • Building Curriculum for Spiritual Education
  • Positive Affirmation 
  • Foundation for Sri Vidya
  • Devotional Practice
  • Blessing
  • Self Evolution
  • Family Bonding
  • Enhancing quality of life