Pregnancy [Through expecting Parents to the baby in the Womb]. A seed buried deep in the soil is growing strong at a rapid pace even though it is not visible on the surface. Sucking water and nutrients from the soil, it is sprouting and pushing up against all the forces to emerge out of the ground. A baby’s physical body is seeded in the womb, mind in the thoughts of the parents and emotions in the desires of the parents. BBB has its source in the conversations of a mother with a baby in the womb. BBB can be used during pregnancy as a holistic education empowerment programme, in utero reading material or as a bridge that creates the bond between parents and child. BBB brings abundance and grace to the lives of parents and children alike.

NOTE: The influences of BBB series on human life can be best appreciated with a foundational understanding of its source, science and content. The energy patterns formed through Blessing Before Birth and related props enhance the potential of the human spirit and in turn expresses through various facets of life – be it education or parenting. 

BBB SeriesMonth of PregnancyInfluence on the Baby in the Womb
1] OmniologyMonth 1 – KalalaEnhances Potential of behaviour, attitudes or tendencies – Scientific attitude, Attention to detail, Passion and Romance, Beauty and Fashion, Emotional Rhythm.
Helps building shields for OCDs, Diabetes, Kidney and Reproductive Organs problems, Addictive Tendency
2] Thinking SkillsMonth 2 – GhanaEnhances Physical Energy, Stamina, Hands-on Sports, Martial Arts, Outgoing Tendency, Engineering
Helps building shields for Anger, Aggression, Extreme Extrovert behaviour, Lust, Cruelty, Blood Impurities, Hyperactivity
3] Affective SciencesMonth 3 – AnkuraEnhances Logic, Religion, Philosophy, Law, Balance, Consistency, Teaching, Treasury, Measured Approach
Helps building shields for Obesity, Superiority Complex, Tumours, Muscles, Ego, Pride, Infertility
4] Reasoning SkillsMonth 4 – AsthiEnhances Leadership, Exploring, Wanderlust, Administration, Paternal Instincts
Helps building shields for Heart Issues, Circulatory, Loneliness, Aloofness, Heat, Sores, Piles
5] Human SciencesMonth 5 – CharmaEnhances Compassion, Maternal Instincts, Eating, Digestion, Emotional play, Mind patterns
Helps building shields for Over Sensitive, Flippant, Indigestion, Lack of Concentration, Milk allergy
6] PsychologyMonth 6 – AngajaEnhances Order, sequence, Systematic approach, Structure, Feet-on-ground, Consistency
Helps building shields for Indiscipline, Distorted Organs, Sloth, Laziness, Dullness, Unconcerned
7] Subconscious ConstructMonth 7 – ChetanataEnhances Intelligence, Speech, Transaction skills, Fine arts, Sharp wit
Helps building shields for Skin problems, Nervousness, Addiction, Casual Approach, inconsistency
8] VirtuesMonth 8 – BhavanaEnhances Body alignment, Mood rhythms, Perceptions, Postures and gait, Practicality
Helps building shields for Morose, Spiritless, Alimentary canal, Dull witted, Liver dysfunction, Perversions
9] Basic Human ConstructMonth 9 – UdvegaEnhances Organising, Arrangement, Calibration, Perseverance, Moving on
Helps building shields for Restlessness, Hesitation , Indecisive, Psychic coordination, Mental functions

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Blessing Before Birth – A Lifetime Support for Your Learning

BBB can be used by

  • Spirit Child before being conceived – through couples desiring a baby
  • Baby in the Womb – through expecting couples
  • Baby in Infancy – 0 to 3 years baby through parents
  • Children – 3 to 7 years along with parents
  • Children – 7 to 11 years with support from parents
  • Children – 11 to 14 years
  • Teenagers – 14 to 18 years
  • Young Adults & Adults
  • Senior Citizens


  • Support in conceiving a child
  • Empowerment in Pregnancy
  • Infant Bonding and education
  • Holistic Spiritual Education for children
  • Life preparation for teenagers and young adults
  • Spiritual Seeking
  • Families of children with special needs/ different learners
  • For Emotional Healing
  • Life Transformation
  • Life coaching and Belief Change
  • Bereavement
  • Sanskaras – Achieving Milestones in human development
  • Building Curriculum for Spiritual Education
  • Positive Affirmation 
  • Foundation for Sri Vidya
  • Devotional Practice
  • Blessing
  • Self Evolution
  • Family Bonding
  • Enhancing quality of life